Profit from pool heating with Aquatherm’s Partner’s Program

Profit from pool heating with Aquatherm’s Partner’s Program
February 3, 2011 Aquatherm Solar

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The Aquatherm Partner’s Program is designed for pool professionals with customers asking about solar, but no one to refer them to. The Partner’s Program connects the pool industry (builders, service & retail) to reputable local solar installers in the Aquatherm Network, who can assist in providing system components all the way to turnkey installations.  We make it easy to integrate solar into your existing plan.

Though, your local Aquatherm Regional Distribution Center or local Dealer can tailor a program that’s just right for you, here are the three traditional ways of adding solar to your services offered:

1. Referral Program
The local Aquatherm solar partner provides a display or literature for his pool partner’s retail store. The pool partner refers his customers to his solar partner, who designs, sells, installs and services the solar pool heating system. The pool partner may also provide a list of his customers whom the solar partner can solicit. The pool partner receives a referral fee on all sales.

2. Contract Program
The solar partner provides sales training and a discount installed price on the solar system for his pool partner, who sells the solar system with the pool and subcontracts with his solar partner to install the system. The solar partner provides all service after installation. The pool partner makes a profit on the retail sale of the solar equipment. The pool partner can also solicit his past customers.

3. Wholesale Program
The solar partner provides sales and installation training, and then wholesales the solar equipment to his pool partner. The pool partner designs, sells, installs and services the solar system. The pool partner makes all profits on equipment and labor.

Your customers trust you to take care of them and their pool, so why would you want them to heat their pool with anything short of the most trusted name in solar pool heating?  To learn more about the Aquatherm Partner’s Program, give us a call at 1-800-535-6307, use the contact us form, or comment on this post!


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