Our Quality Commitment


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management 

Aquatherm’s Quality Management System (QMS) is registered to ISO 9001:2015 standards and independently audited to ensure compliance. We take great pride in being the only U.S. solar manufacturer that can make that claim.

To ensure consistency and quality, every single collector we manufacture is subject to over 40 quality control inspections, performed through-out the entire manufacturing process.

From receiving of raw materials, to the final loading and shipping of finished product, Aquatherm’s QMS assures complete traceability.

The Proof is in the Pellets

We receive raw materials in the form of plastic resin “pellets,” which are then melted, extruded, assembled, and tested.

Products made from plastic typically start out as one-of-two types of resin blends:

Masterbatch:  Natural (clear) resin pellets are mixed with a concentrate during the extrusion process. This concentrate would contain additives and fillers used to affect the end-product’s physical appearance or properties. Sometimes called a “salt-and-pepper blend,” this type of mix is less expensive for the manufacturer to use, but can often result in uneven distribution of key additives.

Precompounded:  Compounding is a process of melt-blending plastics with other additives. This process alters the physical, thermal, or aesthetic characteristics of the plastic. Compounding starts with a base resin, which is blended with additives in an industrial mixer, producing a final resin ready for use in manufacturing. Additives are evenly distributed throughout the resin and subsequent end-products.

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