Aquatherm Organizational Profile

Aquatherm Organizational Profile
September 9, 2011 Aquatherm Solar


As part of our recent ISO 9001:2008 registration we put some time into revisiting our organizational profile – essentially our core competencies and mission statement.  We thought we’d open the kimono, so to speak, and share it here on our blog.

Aquatherm Industries Organizational Profile
Aquatherm defines itself as a “customer intimate” organization – focusing on delivering not what the market is asking for, but what our customers are asking for. We do not pursue one-time transactions, but cultivate long-term relationships. We specialize in satisfying unique needs, which often by virtue of our close relationships and intimate knowledge of our customers, we can satisfy.

Our core competency is the sales, marketing and manufacturing of low-temperature solar thermal collectors for use on residential and commercial swimming pools as well as other low-temperature domestic water and industrial process heating applications throughout the world. In addition, we constantly seek out new uses for our products and technologies.

Aquatherm’s goal was never to be the largest; but simply the best at what we do. If, by doing that, we in-turn became the largest at what we do, then so be it. We are committed to:

  • Maintaining our image with honesty and integrity.
  • Responding to our customers’ needs with extraordinary service.
  • Respect for individual initiative and personal growth.
  • Provide the best product value.
  • Continental operational improvement in all that we do.
  • Follow a hierarchy of responsibilities; customers first, employees second, society at large third, and shareholders fourth.


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