Dramatically different from any other solar thermal collector

The Ultrasun product is so unique, it has been awarded three U.S. and International Patents.  A glass-reinforced, insert-molded header design provides unprecedented strength and durability at the riser-tube connection, improving system performance and lifespan. Inside the header, a permanently embedded “stem-block” gives the panel precise, direct-metered flow, resulting in maximum heat transfer (even when using a variable-speed pump). This same patented technology is shared in two of Aquatherm’s otherproducts, “Sunlite” and “Ecolite,” which hit a milestone last year as the manufacturer surpassed 25 million square feet of collector area for those products.

The collector was tested at TÜV Rheinland PTL in Tempe, Arizona to ISO Standard 9806 and certified by IAPMO R&T (International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials). Having achieved a performance rating of over 92% on the intercept efficiency curve, the Ultrasun Collector sets a world record in solar thermal collector efficiency.



Ultrasun - 8-30

Ultrasun’s unique glass-reinforced, insert-molded onepiece header results
in a seamlessly integrated single-piece construction.



Ultrasun Cover

A New Day Has Dawned in Solar Pool Heating

6 pages, 8.5″ x 11″

Part No. 19705  (Rev 3/12)

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