RMR / LAR Form Instructions

Please contact Aquatherm Customer Service at 732-905-9002 ext 222 or by email at customerservice@warmwater.com if you have any questions regarding this form or need additional assistance.

Step 1: RMR Type

  • Check the appropriate box for RMR ONLY, LAR ONLY, or Both.

Step 2: Dealer Information

  • Select your business from the “Submitting Dealer” drop down field.
  • Enter your name in the “Entered by” area.
  • Enter the email address where you would like to receive the RMR/LAR Confirmation.
  • Select your distributor from the drop down field.

Step 3: Owner Information

  • Enter the full name, address and installation, failure date, and service date information for the system owner.

Step 4: Components Section

  • If you are returning other components (example: VRV) answer “Yes” and continue to fill in the fields explaining what you are returning and describe the defect.

Step 5: Collector Section

(you will fill out this section for each collector you are submitting a claim for)

  • Select the number of collectors that were repaired or replaced.
  • If this is a labor request, upload a copy of the signed service ticket.
  • Pick the product type from the drop down field.
  • Fill in the serial number, manufacture date, and note whether this was a repair or replacement of the collector by checking the appropriate box. Also, fill in the serial number and product type of the replacement collector.
  • Use the sample collector on the screen to locate the number(s) associated with the defect(s). Check the location of the collector defect(s) based on the number(s) from above.
  • Repeat process if more than one collector is being submitted for this RMR.

Step 6: Submit

Once all fields are complete, click the “Submit RMR/LAR” button. You will then receive a confirmation message on the screen and a confirmation email.

Aquatherm will receive a copy, as will your distributor.

If you are a Dealer:

  • Print a copy of the confirmation page or email of the warranty claim and include it with the defective components(s) when you return them to your distributor. Save a copy for your files.

If you are also or just submitting for labor:

  • You will need to upload a copy of the signed service ticket with your submission. The form will automatically calculate the labor reimbursement based on repair or replacement. You will send the copy to your distributor with the defective parts for review and save a copy for your files.

If you are a Distributor:

  • You will have already received an email confirmation of the warranty claim from the dealer. Once the dealer submits the warranty claim to you, send it directly to Aquatherm with the defective component(s) as you normally would. Save a copy for your files.