Swim in the Warmth of the Sun

The Backyard Pool: Your Own Personal Oasis


A swimming pool is a big investment, but that investment has some even bigger returns. There’s nothing quite like having your own personal oasis just steps from your back door. A place to escape and relax, or to enjoy quality time with the ones you love. An early morning swim to get the day started, or a revitalizing dip after a stressful day. Whatever your idea of the perfect pool moment, being a pool owner means you can enjoy your backyard for all its worth.

But—as any pool owner knows—a cold pool usually means an empty pool. If your swimming pool is often too chilly to swim in comfortably, you’re not maximizing the potential of your investment. Using a pool heater can dramatically increase the use of your pool, as well as lengthen the entire swimming season—at a cost. Operation of fossil-fuel pool heaters that use natural gas, propane, or electricity is expensive, and can cost several thousand dollars each and every swimming season (even before the cost of annual service). Additionally, these types of pool heaters burn our planet’s precious supply of natural resources, producing emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Pool Heating with Fossil-Fuels: A Luxury We Can No Longer Afford

You can take back control of your pool, using it longer and more comfortably without the added expense of fossil-fuel pool heaters. Instead of using costly and polluting fossil-fuels to heat your pool, a solar pool heater utilizes the sun’s free, clean, and limitless supply of solar energy. In a typical solar pool heating system, solar collectors (often referred to as panels) are mounted where they can receive approximately 6-8 hours of sunshine every day. Though the roof is usually the easiest place to install the collectors, ground rack or trellis systems are almost as common.

Benefits of solar pool heating include:

  • Zero Operating Costs!  We can guarantee that you will never receive a monthly bill from the sun.
  • Easy Operation!  Once you’ve set the control at your desired comfort level, the system operates itself.
  • Long-Lasting Performance!  Lifespan of solar heating systems is upwards of 15-20 years.
  • Years of Dependability!  Compared to fossil-fuel pool heaters, solar heating is virtually maintenance-free.


The True Cost of Pool Heating

Though the cost to install a conventional fossil-fuel pool heaters can often be less upfront, the chart below shows how an average pool owner’s expenses start to add up. The areas in the chart where the natural gas/propane and electric heat pump spikes are symbolic of typical replacement periods of the two types of pool heaters.