Owner’s Manual

Congratulations on your decision to install a solar pool heating system, and thank you for choosing Aquatherm. You have joined hundreds of thousands of pool owners worldwide who now enjoy the warm comfort of a longer and more comfortable swimming season. Your solar pool heater is an eco-friendly investment in your own economic independence and stability.

This page has been prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your system, so that it will provide you with years of trouble-free service. Should your system ever require service beyond the procedures outlined in this manual, contact your installing Dealer. Refer to your warranty if a question or problem has not been handled to your satisfaction.

System Operation

Solar pool heating systems are as easy to operate as most fossil-fuel heaters, and are compatible with the latest in pool automation technology. The filtration pump circulates pool water through the many small tubes in the solar collector. While passing through the collector, the pool water is warmed by the sun. The warm water then flows directly back to the pool. Your solar pool heating system is equipped with either an automatic or manual temperature control.

Automatic Control

The electronic automatic temperature control operates the motorized 3-way diverter valve, directing pool water to the solar collectors (provided the solar sensor indicates the sun is shining and the pool water sensor indicates the pool needs further heating). If no sun is available, or if the pool water has reached the desired comfort level, the automatic control closes the diverter valve, bypassing the solar collectors and directing water flow directly back to the pool.

Manual Control

Manually-controlled systems are equipped with a manual 3-way valve, in place of the motorized diverter valve. Manually controlled systems require opening the valve to divert water to the collectors when heat is needed and sunshine is adequate, and closing the valve to bypass the solar collectors when no heat is needed or available.

In the event that your pool becomes overheated due to usual weather conditions, it is possible to cool the pool to a more comfortable level – simply open the 3-way valve to circulate pool water through the collectors when cooling conditions are available, usually at night.

Checking for Proper Operation

Each time the solar system cycles on, there are two things to watch for:

1. Air will initially be purged into the pool. This may last up to several minutes while the solar collectors fill with pool water.

2. The filter pressure will increase slightly and remain elevated for as long as pool water is flowing through the solar collectors.

If there are no bubbles…

In a manual system, make sure the control valve or valves have been turned correctly to divert the flow of pool water through the solar system.

In an automatic system, make sure there is power to the control – usually there is an indicator or “power on” light. It is possible the auto-control is not functioning properly – check this by over-riding the “auto” mode and placing the selector switch into the “on” or “solar” position. Lastly, it is possible the system is not supposed to be working – either the pool is at your desired comfort level, or there is not enough usable solar energy available at the moment to turn the system on.