The Ecolite Solar Pool Heater


Our breakthrough design and manufacturing process makes Ecolite the most advanced, durable affordable solar pool collector ever made.

The Ecolite “overmolding process” is a dramatic change from the way the solar collectors have been built for more than thirty years. The unique, patented “stem block” is permanently embedded in a glass-reinforced manifold to eliminate any concerns over premature failure and unbalanced flow – even in today’s high rate filtration systems.

○ Strategically placed slots in the webbing of Ecolite Collectors allow pressure relief during periods of high wind, while preventing moisture buildup under the collector to preserve the life of the roof.

○ Made from up to 85% post-consumer materials – making Ecolite a durable, long lasting product that conserves and reuses our limited natural resources, the most eco-friendly pool heating solution on the market today!

○ Rounded tubes track sunlight all day, absorbing the maximum amount of solar energy possible.

○ Modular in design, Ecolite is available varied lengths that allowing for more flexibility in system design and installation.

Ecolite’s innovative technology makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your investment, putting you in complete control of your pool heating costs.


U.S. specifications
Model Number17043-1217043-1017043-08
Nominal Size2 x 122 x 102 x 8
Overall Collector Length144 in120 in96 in
Collector Width24 in24 in24 in
Manifold Length27.5 in27.5 in27.5 in
Manifold O.D.1.7 in1.7 in1.7 in
Manifold I.D.1.5 in1.5 in1.5 in
Total Collector Area23.7 ft219.7 ft215.7 ft2
Net Collector Area23.7 ft219.7 ft215.7 ft2
Dry9.4 lbs8.2 lbs6.9 lbs
Wet21.3 lbs19.5 lbs17.6 lbs
Wet (weight/length)0.89 lbs/ft20.98 lbs/ft21.10 lbs/ft2
Fluid Capacity1.43 gal1.36 gal1.29 gal
flow rates
Maximum5.0 gpm5.0 gpm5.0 gpm
Minimum1.5 gpm1.25 gpm1.25 gpm
Recommended2.5 gpm2.0 gpm1.63 gpm
Maximum Number of Collectors with Single Feed at Recommended Flow Rate202428
pressure (true for all models depending on measurement)
Pressure Drop0.25 ft head (0.11 psi) @ 2.5 gpm
0.18 ft head (0.08 psi) @ 1.5 gpm
0.57 ft head (0.25 psi) @ 5 gpm
Maximum Fluid Pressure105 psi @ 140oF
Recommended Maximum Operating Pressure50 psi @ 80oF
metric specifications
Model Number17043-317043-4
Nominal Size0.6 x 3m0.6 x 4m
Overall Collector Length3 m4 m
Collector Width60 cm60 cm
Manifold Lenth70 cm70 cm
Manifold O.D.4.8 cm4.8 cm
Manifold I.D.3.8 cm3.8 cm
Total Collector Area1.8 m22.4 m2
Net Collector Area1.8 m22.4 m2
Dry3.63 kgs4.50 kgs
Wet7.9 kgs9.8 kgs
Wet (weight/length)4.1 kgs/m24.4 kgs/m2
Fluid Capacity4.3 ltr5.2 ltr
flow rates
Maximum7.2 ltr/min9.1 ltr/min
Minimum3.6 ltr/min4.5 ltr/min
Recommended4.8 ltr/min6.0 ltr/min
Maximum Number of Collectors with Single Feed at Recommended Flow Rate2420
pressure (true for all models depending on measurement)
Pressure Drop0.1 BAR pressure loss at recommended
flow rate
.06 BAR pressure loss at minimum flow rate
Maximum Fluid Pressure5.0 BAR @ 30oC
Recommended Maximum Operating Pressure2.4 BAR @ 60oC