Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Sandcastle Resort Hotel; Virginia Beach, VA - Installed by Solar Services

Sandcastle Resort Hotel; Virginia Beach, VA – Installed by Solar Services

A Perfect Candidate for Solar

Most of these pools are heated with fossil-fuels such as natural gas, propane, or heat pumps. Aside from increasing these facilities’ operating costs, using fossil-fuels to heat swimming pools increases the United States’ dependence on imported fuels, and pollutes the air. Furthermore, fossil-fuel prices fluctuate significantly and are expected to rise over the next decade. Solar pool heating systems can provide a clean, domestic and affordable way to reduce the monthly energy bill for heating commercial swimming pools.

Commercial swimming pools like those at hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, HOAs, health clubs, camps and schools are perfect candidates for solar pool heating, since owners and operators have no choice but to keep their pools at a comfortable temperature. According to industry statistics, two-thirds of the commercial pools worldwide have either seasonal or year-round heating requirements.

Approval - NSF copyNSF-50: Required for Commercial Pool Equipment

Aquatherm is the only U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heating systems to meet the strict safety, durability, and toxicity standards required for NSF-50 certification, which is mandatory for commercial and recreational pool products in most of the United States.