Commercial Case Studies

With the highest efficiencies of any solar technology – well in excess of 80% – according to the U.S. Department of Energy, “solar pool heating can pay for itself in as little as two years and typically lasts 10 years or more.” A free Department of Energy Performance and Investment Analysis will show you how much an Aquatherm Solar Pool Heating System can save on your operating costs.

Hybrid Heating

Solar Pool Heating works seamlessly in conjunction with your existing natural gas, propane or electrically powered pool heater giving the commercial pool owner / operator the best of both worlds. By utilizing a hybrid pool heating system, where solar acts as the primary source of heat, a facility is able to dramatically reduce their operating costs.

Professional Design and Installation

Our worldwide network of Dealers and Distributors will ensure your system is designed and installed to the highest standards.

Case Studies

Comm-LW3Lawrence Welk Resort (Escondido, CA)

Even in sunny southern California, most commercial swimming pools still require a heater to keep guests swimming happily. In the case of The Welk Resort’s eight year-round pools, a propane heater is used to keep the large bodies of water up to a comfortable temperature.

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aerialNOMAD Indoor Aquatic Facility (Huntersville, NC)

For years, the cost of running their large natural gas heater was viewed as an unavoidable operating cost for NOMAD – just another expense on the balance sheet. But as energy prices skyrocketed, heating the pools with fossil fuel became increasingly expensive.

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