Aquatherm Introduces Flashing Base & Cover for Mounting Hardware

Aquatherm Introduces Flashing Base & Cover for Mounting Hardware
May 2, 2014 Aquatherm Solar

The largest U.S. manufacturer of solar heaters for swimming pools has introduced a new patented component which, it says, is a “major advancement in collector mounting technology.” United States Patent 8,567,742 has been awarded to Aquatherm Industries, Inc. of Lakewood, New Jersey for the development of a “Mounting Bracket Protection Device.” The manufacturer says the Device, which it is also calling a “Flashing Base and Cover,” lends substantial improvements to the existing Eagle Claw Mounting System. The Flashing Bases, which are made of long-lasting glass-filled polypropylene, are to be used in conjunction with Aquatherm’s standard marine-grade stainless-steel mounting brackets, and will include a base and cover for each bracket.

The Flashing Bases and covers will serve a dual-purpose, improving both form and function of solar pool heating system installations, says the manufacturer.

  •     The recessed underside of the flashing bases provides an area for sealant to gather, ensuring a watertight seal for each and every penetration.
  •     The bases will raise the standard stainless-steel mounting brackets just off the roof’s surface, which will protect roofing materials by distributing compressive loads over a larger footprint.
  •     Visual aesthetics of installations will be improved through the use of the base covers, as brackets will no longer be visible.

“The solar pool heating industry in this country is nearly 40 years old,” says Dave Sizelove, President and CEO of Aquatherm Industries. “Over the years, there have been many innovations in collector design and improvements in material selection, but our stainless-steel mounting hardware has remained relatively unchanged. The development of our Flashing Bases is a major advancement in collector mounting technology.”

Prototypes of the new part were met with resounding approval from Aquatherm Dealers and Distributors when revealed by Sizelove at the company’s 2014 Master Dealer Kick-Off Meeting. Beginning in May 2014, the Flashing Bases will be included as part of all standard stainless-steel collector mounting kits. For existing system retro-fits, Bases will be available separately as a set (part number 30341 – with each set including one base for the Outlet Header Bracket and two bases for the Strap Brackets), or individually (part numbers 30341-1 and 30341-2, respectively).

About Aquatherm Industries, Inc.:

An ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Aquatherm Industries, Inc. is the largest U.S. manufacturer of low-temperature, unglazed polymer solar collectors – primarily used for residential and commercial swimming pool heating as well as domestic hot water and process pre-heat applications. Within the company’s “pellets to panels” approach, Aquatherm’s extrusion, welding, and injection molding processes have been awarded four U.S. and two International Patents for its technology. In addition, Aquatherm’s collectors were the first NSF-50 listed solar collectors in the world. Aquatherm distributors currently serve Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, all of North, Central, and South America, France, Egypt, and Jordan.