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Rebate Program Background

Since the modern solar pool heating system was introduced nearly 40 years ago, over two million pool owners have enjoyed the warm luxury of a heated pool, without the high energy bills, by using the sun’s endless supply of free energy. Though the market for residential solar pool heating in this country has seen steady growth in that time, the commercial market has suffered due to a greater upfront cost and a lack of skilled installers.

However, this doesn’t mean a market for solar heating systems on commercial pools fails to exist. In fact, we think commercial pools are a great candidate for solar since, for most, an unheated pool means unhappy customers. Additionally, pools that are located in indoor facilities receive no natural warmth from the sun, and must be heated.

According to PK Data, who compiles statistics on the swimming pool and spa industry, there are roughly 40,000 commercial swimming pools in the state of California—most of which are currently heated.
California businesses that operate a commercial swimming pool often have no choice but to heat their pools to a comfortable temperature.

Many of these hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, homeowners associations, health clubs, camps, waterparks, and schools are heated with fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, or heat pumps. This increases the U.S. dependence on imported fuels and pollutes the air.

Fossil fuel prices fluctuate significantly, and are expected to rise over the next decade. But solar pool heating systems can provide a clean, domestic and affordable way to reduce the monthly energy bill for heating commercial swimming pools.

While the various solar pool heater manufacturers had long opposed a rebate, they did all support a level playing field. If the commercial solar pool heating market was to grow and compete, it was going to need government support—just like every other form of fuel in this country. In Washington, the 2008 extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) ensured a 30% federal tax credit for solar systems, though pool heating was unfortunately excluded.

Across the country, Program Administrators for the California Solar Initiative were looking for a way to increase the number of solar thermal system rebates awarded—they found it in commercial pool heating. An amendment to include commercial solar pool heating was Introduced as part of Assembly Bill 2249, with strong support from the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CalSEIA).

On September 27, 2012, AB 2249 was signed into law by California Governor Edmund G. Brown—marking a huge step toward a level playing field for commercial solar pool heating in the state.